Macquarie Professional Series

The Macquarie Professional Series adds a new dimension to your range of investments. We’ve searched the world for what we believe are some of the most outstanding fund managers and partnered with a select few to bring their signature investment strategies to the Australian market.

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Analytic Investors LLC

Analytic Investors, LLC employs an active quantitative investment approach to create global equity portfolios with low volatility capable of generating market returns for investors over the long term.

Arrowstreet Capital

Arrowstreet Capital L.P. utilises a quantitative investment approach which incorporates valuation, momentum, earnings and high frequency signals to invest in global equities.

Independent Franchise Partners

Independent Franchise Partners specialise in investing globally with a focus on high quality companies with attractive free cash flow yield and dominant intangible assets.

Walter Scott & Partners

Walter Scott & Partners is a global equity manager with a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach which combines detailed financial analysis with business and industry analysis.

Winton Capital Management

Winton Capital Management is a global futures manager which utilises highly advanced statistical research to identify trending or potentially trending markets.