Macquarie Wrap launches service innovation

06 October 2005

Macquarie Adviser Services today announced it had introduced automated downloads from its platform, Macquarie Wrap Solutions, for financial planners using Coin and XPLAN financial planning software.

Macquarie Adviser Services' Head of Adviser Sales, Jason Huddy, said the automated downloads were part of Macquarie's commitment to delivering solutions that enhance the efficiency of advisers' businesses.

Mr Huddy said Coin and XPLAN would be the initial recipients of the automated downloads, but they could also be made available to other leading financial planning software companies using Macquarie Wrap Solutions.

He said advisers who currently use Coin or XPLAN will no longer have to carry out manual downloads from Macquarie Wrap Solutions, enabling them to use this time more productively.

"Rather than manually downloading client information from Macquarie Wrap Solutions, advisers who use either Coin or Xplan can now request these downloads to run automatically at regular intervals which could, for example, be every week or every day," Mr Huddy said.

"This allows client data, such as transactions, account balances, income and expenses to automatically transfer to the adviser's desktop.

"We have been working towards this solution for advisers over recent months and will continue to improve the integration of our platform service with external financial planning software packages.

"Financial planning software is an integral part of a financial adviser's business process. By offering the ability for this software to directly interface from the product provider (Macquarie Wrap Solutions) to the software, client investment information will be seamlessly available to the adviser to more readily aid them in their service to clients."

Mr Huddy said Macquarie Adviser Services regularly consulted with advisers and looked for simple, smart solutions to assist advisers to manage their business more efficiently.

"Advisers have told us that they have spent valuable time operating the manual downloads and they have said that a more efficient method would save them time that could be better spent with their clients," Mr Huddy said.

Coin Software Managing Director, Tony Graham, said financial planning software was integral to how advisers run their business.

"Our focus is to provide advisers with the best financial planning software in the market that provides them with the easiest solutions which will save them time and money," Mr Graham said.

"This new facility of automated downloads from Macquarie Wrap Solutions will complement the features we already provide to advisers through our software and make their lives easier."

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