Macquarie Margin Lending retains its five stars

29 April 2005

Macquarie Margin Lending has once again retained its five star margin lending star rating awarded by independent financial services research agency CANNEX.

The CANNEX margin lending star ratings provides the industry with a benchmark when comparing margin lenders and their products. It analyses Margin Loan products provided by 13 financial institutions in Australia and takes into consideration historical and current interest rates, product features, lending ratios and fees.

Products must be superior and highly competitive in all aspects of the star ratings process in order to attain a five star rating.

Stephen Robertson, Macquarie Margin Lending's Head of Distribution and Marketing, said the five star rating is a result of Macquarie's commitment to ongoing product development and its focus on providing the highest level of service.

"After years of consulting with our client base and asking them what they want in a margin lending product, we have continued to focus our business on developing superior product features," Mr Robertson said.

"For example, Macquarie's Trading Power provides investors with a sophisticated risk management strategy, (such as 100% investment protection via put options strategies), to manage their investments through their Margin Loans more effectively. Additionally, Quick Start Instalment Gearing (a regular investment and gearing plan with no initial capital required) has seen a strong take up.

"Our clients are becoming more sophisticated and they are demanding a higher level of service," Mr Robertson said.

Mr Robertson said the five star rating meant that Macquarie's Margin Lending product and client service was of the highest standard, something that Macquarie would continue to strive for.

"We believe we should provide a superior margin lending solution for our clients and by attaining a five star rating each 6 months we have confirmation that our clients are benefiting from the best offering in the market," Mr Robertson said.

Macquarie Margin Lending is a leading provider of protected lending and margin lending products in Australia. Macquarie has a national team of specialists in distribution, products, marketing, and client services dedicated to providing premium products and services to advisers, distributors, and investors.

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